ESDI Model 250C – Reverse Osmosis System Controller

for O.E.M. Manufactures of RO Systems

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The ESDI Model 250C Reverse Osmosis System Controller is a low cost Electronic Control Board that performs all of the functions necessary to efficiently operate an industrial/commercial water purification system. This controller incorporates flush cycles to increase membrane life, along with other features that make it cost effective and easy to use. Comes with a two-year warranty. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Model 250C is perfect for manufacturers of Reverse Osmosis equipment that wish to lower their production costs by outsourcing the electronic controllers for their standard systems. Our products are made in the USA and comply with UL-508, and IEC Standard 1000-4-4 part 4 for electromagnetic interference.

Contact us if you require software changes to suit your specific needs.

Features & Options Settings:

Maintains water storage tank level, using single float, or pressure 

• Controls water inlet (feed) valve & membrane flush valve (24VAC rated).

• Lockout input monitors Hi/Lo water pressure, and/or water softener regeneration

• Automatic membrane blush cycles with selectable run times and frequencies.

• Includes: Power up Flush, Stop Flush, Tank Full Flush & Periodic Process Flush.

• Pump relay is isolated and rated fo 1HP @ 120VAC and 2HP @ 240VAC.

• Front panel with LED Status Display and easy access Option Switches.

• Board Power: 24VAC, 50/60 Hz, 420ma

• Board Size:4“ X 4“ .

• Transformer Power: 120/240VAC, 50/60 Hz.

• Enclosure Size: 6“ X 6“ X 4“.

The Model 250C Reverse Osmosis Controller can be  purchased in several  configurations.  
Please Choose the one that best suits your needs. 


Model 250C Data Sheet
Model 250C Manual & Specifications

All of our products come with a Two-year Warranty. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.