ESDI Model 110400-NOM-2
Water Vending Machine Controller for Two Vend Stations

No Payment Station – Free Vend

  • Four (2) Vend Stations Maximum
  • Each Station Vends 4 Water Volumes
  • Water Volumes ½ Liter to 6 Gallons
  • Optional One or Two (2) Valve Vending
  • Optional UV Flush
  • Maxium Run Timer
  • UV Lamp Shut Down and Lockout
  • Metered or Timed Vending

The ESDI Model 110400-2-NOM Two Station Water Vending Machine Controller is a new electronics assembly that performs all of the functions necessary to control two (2) unsupervised bulk water vending machines. It incorporates many new features & options that make it compatible for most vending machine applications. Provides precise & reliable vending using a flow sensor, or internal timer. Requires no special equipment to program prices and retrieve sales data. The Model 110400-2 is assembled in the USA and

Features & Options Settings:
  • Each Station Vends 4 Water Volumes. Volumes set & stored in memory using simple “Calibration Mode”.
  • Water Volumes not Limited to Gallons. Calibrate any volume desired from ½ Liter to 6 Gallons per vend.
  • Optional Two (2) Valve Dispensing For two speed vending, yielding faster vending with no overflow.
  • Optional UV Flush Cycle removes accumulated hot water from UV lamp if idle time exceeds 30 minutes.
  • Maximum Run Timer stops pump and terminates vending if the maximum vending time is exceeded.
  • Low Water Monitor blocks vending until water is once again present. (Set level above 5 gallons.)
  • UV Lamp Shut Down and Lockout Input blocks vending until reset.
  • Relay Contacts are Isolated and rated for any voltage up to 240 VAC, 3 Amps Max.
  • Enclosure Size: 12” X 8” X 6”, Polycarbonate, NEMA 4 Indoor Rate

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