ESDI holds the patent for an incredibly innovative robotic product that we believe will revolutionize the robotics industry. We call this product “Robomotor”. Robomotor makes the development of new robotic products easy, and available to everyone.

Robomotor is a totally integrated motor that records and plays back motion. It performs similarly to an audio/video recorder that records and plays back sound & images; however, this robotic motor records and plays back motion that is precisely accurate in time and space.

Robomotor can be built in many sizes, having characteristics that are best suited for each application. Any person with a robotics application could select the appropriate motor that is best suited for the response and torque requirements of the application. With the Robomotor placed in the application, and set to RECORD, the application is manually moved to teach the motor how it should move. Afterwards, when Robomotor is placed in the PLAYBACK mode, it will automatically reproduce the motion it had previously recorded. This motion is exact to its original recorded time and displacement. This motion can be repeated once, or continuously. Multiple Robomotors can be synchronized to act in unison, thereby reproducing three-dimensional motion in time and space.

Robomotor has applications in industry, home, medical, and toys for adults & children, and even in new areas not yet imagined.

The Robomotor will greatly expand the branch of “Self-Programming Robotics”. With self-programming robotics, even someone with no experience in electronics or programming can manually teach Robomotor how it should perform in an application. Robomotor will internally program itself to remember and later reproduce that exact motion. No data goes in, no data comes out. It’s all self-contained and internally self-programmed. It’s like teaching a child to walk, but with Robomotor you only show it once, and it will do it perfectly each and every time thereafter.

ESDI is presently looking for licensing agreements with companies interested in further developing and manufacturing this exciting new product.

Robomotor may be to the Robotics industry, what the PC was to the computer industry. Today, PC’s perform many tasks not even thought of at the onset. In the future many new products will incorporate this technology; products which cannot even be imagined at the onset.

US patent number 6,495,983 titled “Integrated Closed-Loop Programmable Motor Assembly” covers this robotic motor, Robomotor.


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