ESDI Model 110400 – Water Vending Machine Controller

Incorporates NAMA® Multi-Drop Bus (MDB) Protocol

  • Four (4) Vend Stations Maximum
  • Each Station Vends 3-4 Water Volumes
  • Water Volumes ½ Liter to 6 Gallons
  • Optional One or Two (2) Valve Vending
  • Optional UV Flush
  • Maxium Run Timer
  • UV Lamp Shut Down and Lockout
  • Metered or Timed Vending
  • NAMA® Multi-Drop Bus (MDB) Protocol
  • DEX/UCS Data Retrieval Capbility

The ESDI Model 110400 MultiPrice Four Station Water Vending Machine Controller is a new electronics assembly that performs all of the functions necessary to control four (4) unsupervised bulk water vending machines. This extremely reliable controller interfaces with most coin acceptors, bill validators, card readers, and other payment devices conforming to NAMA’s Multi-Drop Bus (MDB) protocol. It incorporates many new features & options that make it compatible for most vending machine applications. Provides precise & reliable vending using a flow sensor, or internal timer. Requires no special equipment to program prices and retrieve sales data. The Model 110400 is assembled in the USA and manufactured in compliance with UL-508, and IEC Standard 1000-4-4 part 4 for EMI noise interference.

Features & Options Settings:
  • Each Station Vends 3 Water Volumes. Volumes set & stored in memory using simple “Calibration Mode”.
  • Water Volumes not Limited to Gallons. Calibrate any volume desired from ½ Liter to 6 Gallons per vend.
  • Only One Pay Station for 4 Venders. Requires only one Coin Mechanism and one Bill Acceptor.
  • Data Retrieval Capability using an industry standard DEX/UCS hand held computer (HHC).
  • Optional Two (2) Valve Dispensing For two speed vending, yielding faster vending with no overflow.
  • Optional UV Flush Cycle removes accumulated hot water from UV lamp if idle time exceeds 30 minutes.
  • Maximum Run Timer stops pump and terminates vending if the maximum vending time is exceeded.
  • Low Water Monitor blocks coin deposits until water is once again present. (Set float above 5 gallons.)
  • UV Lamp Shut Down and Lockout Input blocks coin deposits until reset.
  • Relay Contacts are Isolated and rated for any voltage up to 240 VAC, 3 Amps Max.
  • Enclosure SIze: 12” X 8” X 6”, Polycarbonate, NEMA 4 Indoor Rated.

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