ESDI Model 190100 – Reverse Osmosis System Controller

(Uses our popular Model 258)
with Continuity Monitor & Hour Meter

The ESDI Model 190100 Reverse Osmosis System Controller is a special version of our popular Model 258 RO Controller. This model includes a water continuity monitor to measure the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of the processed water. It also includes an Hour Meter to keep track of the Pump running time.

The Model 190100 is Perfect for Manufacturers of Reverse Osmosis Systems who wish to lower their production costs by outsourcing the electronic controls for their standard systems. The Model 190100 is assembled in the USA and manufactured in compliance with UL-508, and IEC Standard 1000-4-4 for EMI noise interference.

  • Automatically maintains water storage Tank Level, using single float, or pressure switch.
  • TDS Continuity Monitor and Pump Run Time Hour Meter.
  • Controls Water Inlet Relay & Membrane Flush Relay. All outputs have isolated contacts rated to 240VAC.
  • Lockout Input will shut down operation during Pre-treatment Regeneration.
  • Pressure Switch Input will shut down the Pump for 5 minutes if the inlet pressure is bad.
  • Automatic Membrane Flush Cycles have switch selectable Flush Times and Frequencies.
  • Program Switch enables 10 Minute Restart Delay, and 24 hour Full Tank Membrane Flush.


Model 190100 Data Sheet
Model 190100 Drawings

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